Power transmission poles. Purpose, varieties and their functions. Lattice and multifaceted poles.

An overhead power transmission pole is a special structure designed to hold the wires of overhead power lines, as well as lightning protection cables, at a given distance from each other and from the earth's surface. Each power transmission pole is designed to perform a specific function assigned to it.

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Metal lighting poles: use, varieties, advantages

Galvanized metal lighting poles are an aesthetic modern option and a world standard in organizing urban space. In cities/towns/villages and outside the city, they are installed to provide lighting for roads, parks, streets, commercial facilities and public places, and in addition, they can be used for installation of power lines and contact lines of urban transport.

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Galvanized Metal Poles vs Concrete Pillars

Today it is difficult to imagine the lack of street lighting. Illuminated evening roads, streets, parks are something we cannot do without. The history of street lighting dates back to the 15th century, when the mayor of London ordered the hanging of street lamps, and in the 16th century the citizens of Paris were obliged to put lamps at the windows. The very first urban street lighting system was created in the 17th century in Amsterdam on the initiative of Jan van der Heyden.

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