Multifaceted lighting poles

Metal lighting poles have been widely used for several years to illuminate parks, sidewalks, roads and highways. In the case when additional load is provided on the pole (suspension of the aerial bundled cable, installation of the road signs, traffic lights and other equipment), reinforced poles are used. Also in our assortment there are metal poles for fixing contact lines of urban electric transport, on which, among other things, we can provide for the installation of lighting devices. In large open areas (warehouses, airports, stadiums, etc.), as a rule, higher structures are installed – lighting masts.

We manufacture metal poles of various modifications. We have standard products in our assortment, and we also manufacture metal poles according to individual customer projects.

We would like to draw your attention to the metal poles based on multifaceted bent racks. Our bending press allows to produce ONE-PIECE multifaceted poles up to 12m long (we can obviously make them longer by welding pieces together). In the production process we use sheet steel with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm, which, by bending, takes the desired shape. Multifaceted poles, in contrast to tubular poles, due to their conical shape, have a significantly lower weight, which facilitates their transportation and installation. Due to their design, the multifaceted poles are significantly superior in strength characteristics to the round poles of the same diameter and have a lower price.

We also have a large assortment of accessories: brackets and anchor inserts for metal poles. Brackets are presented in variations, for any customer requirements: angular or radial; single-row and double-row; one or two pairs of arms, as well as three and four pairs of arms.

At the request of the customer, taking into account the cabling method, an inspection hatch can be cut out in the lower part of the pole for connecting and subsequent maintenance of electrical equipment.

Our products are hot-dip galvanized to increase the wear resistance and service life of the pole. By completely immersing metal products in a bath with hot molten zinc, a zinc coating is formed on the surface of the product, which acts as an anti-corrosion protection. Galvanizing allows us to increase the service life of products by at least another 20 years. Depending on the quality of the material and the anti-corrosion coating, the maximum service life of metal poles can reach up to 75 years.