Power transmission poles

The «Euroforvard» company specializes in the manufacturing and design of the following metal structures:

  • bolted and welded metal poles of overhead power lines and portals of open switchgears of electrical substations with a voltage of 0.4 — 10 kV and 35 — 500 kV;
  • antenna masts of radio relay communication lines;
  • floodlight masts;
  • metal molds for the production of reinforced concrete products;
  • poles with metal portal structures for suspension of alternating and direct current overhead lines of electrified railways;
  • building structures for by-product coke plants and metallurgical plants (metal structures of gas ducts, boiler pedestal for CHP, electric cable racks, supports for pipelines, beams, staircases, etc.);
  • mounted drilling and crane equipment for tractors for drilling vertical wells in the ground during the construction or repair of overhead power lines.

Products are manufactured according to the drawings of the technical department of the company, unified drawings of design organizations and individual projects of customers.